Additional Needs

Every child deserves the very best care and support and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer that to all children whatever their needs. Our latest Ofsted report commented:

“The pre-school care for children with additional needs and promote their learning and development in a very positive manner.”

What do I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?    

We have a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) on our staff team and they, along with Michelle Brown the Manager, will help identify and assess any additional needs your child may have. We would encourage any parents wishing to discuss this to contact Michelle initially.

How will the setting support my child’s learning and development?

Michelle and the SENCO worker will work together to plan and oversee an individual education plan for your child. Outside professionals may also have an input into this plan and be involved in regularly assessing your child’s progress. Dedicated time each week at preschool (or one on one care if necessary and if funding has been allocated) will be given to your child as well as all staff being continually mindful of your child’s specific learning and development requirements.

We will carry out half termly review meetings to update on progress with either you as parents or carers. It may also be necessary to involve outside agencies and professionals to ensure your child is getting the very best support. Individual education plans will then be agreed to provide the learning and development support necessary, this will be with input from all parties involved.

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