What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing and social, emotional and behavioural development?

At Brownberrie Lane we have in place a healthy eating policy. In accordance with this we provide a healthy snack and drink of milk or water twice a day. Water is freely available and accessible to all children throughout the day.

We ask that parents and carers support this policy by providing a healthy packed lunch for those that stay. Guidance on what constitutes ‘healthy choices’ is available to all parents and carers.

Exercise is an important part of our daily routine at Brownberrie Lane. We have free flow play which includes children being able to access our fantastic outside space. Children are encouraged to use the outside space throughout the year particularly as we have covered space, however in very bad weather we look to provide similar physical opportunities indoors which may mean bringing our climbing frame inside!

We ensure that we take every opportunity to talk to our children about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. The staff team sit with the children at lunchtime and discuss what they are eating to help reinforce the choices being made. Our topic work seeks out opportunities to link to related areas such as growing, our bodies, where food comes from etc.

Importantly, we promote kind and positive behaviour so that children and staff are role models to each other. We advocate the use of role models and peer groups and work with parents and carers to implement positive strategies where necessary.