Our Team

We are fortunate in that our team have a wealth of experience, both professionally and in life. The overwhelming majority have children of their own so they can appreciate the needs of both the children and their parents.


Michelle Brown


I’ve been the Manager of Brownberrie Lane Preschool for 7 years and before that I worked here as a practitioner. All of my 4 children have been through this preschool so it really feels like part of the family. Before I worked at Brownberrie I was a child minder for 12 years. The best bit of my role is seeing all the children that join us, grow and develop while they are here and then feeling like we’ve had a part to play in their future.

My random fact: I’m ¾ Portuguese and I used to live in Milawe!



Charlotte Hillyard

Deputy Manager

I’ve been working at Brownberrie Lane Preschool for 4 years and I have a Level 3 Qualification in Childcare. Before I joined Brownberrie I was a Children’s Intensive Care Nurse. My children have been to Brownberrie and they loved it so much I decided to get a job here too! The bit I love most about my job is seeing how each child develops and changes while they are here and then watching them get ready for school.

My random fact: I have 4 kids, 2 dogs and bearded dragon called Kevin!



Bethan Crawford

Preschool Practitioner

I first joined the team as a parent helper when my son started at Brownberrie. I now have a Level 3 Qualification in Childcare which I gained while working here. Before Preschool I worked for HSBC as a team leader in sales for 7 years. I love Brownberrie as it is a really friendly place to be and the staff are so dedicated at what they do.

My Random Fact: I can say the longest place name in Europe (that’s Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch)!



Christine Hunter

Preschool Assistant

I love working at Brownberrie, it has such a lovely, caring ethos and the staff were so great when my daughter came here. Before Brownberrie I was a foster carer for 13 years and I worked as a TA in a primary school for 11 years.

My Random Fact: My hobbies are baking cakes and gardening.




Emily Dawson

Preschool Practitioner

I’m currently doing a degree in Supporting Young People, Children and Families at Leeds Trinity University alongside my work at Brownberrie. I also have a Level 3 qualification in Children’s Care Learning and Development. Before I joined the Brownberrie team I did home care for older people and also worked for two years in another nursery. The best bit about working here is getting to know the new children and their families and seeing the children progress.

My Random Fact: I’m planning on backpacking around America this summer!



Fiona Stewardson

Preschool Practitioner

I’ve got a Level 3 NVQ in Young People & Children’s Workforce. Before joining the Brownberrie team I was a qualified teacher for children aged 7 to 11 years. I have a degree in Theology and have worked as a supply teacher for children of all ages. The best bit about working at Brownberrie is the fact that it’s just like one big family. I sent my children here and I love that it’s really caring and not just a big corporate company.

My random fact: My ideal job would be working as a Disney Princess!



Gabby Dickinson

Preschool Practitioner

I’ve got BTEC Level 3 in Children’s Learning and Development. Before joining Brownberrie I was at college and after that I had my little girl. The best bit about working at Brownberrie is not only that the kids are so great but that the staff are so friendly and welcoming.

My random fact: I did my student placement here at Brownberrie and loved it so much I came here to work!



Heather Kitching

Preschool Assistant

I am the longest serving member of the Brownberrie family. I started here on a placement over 20 years ago! I have a Level 3 in Childcare. All three of my children have been through Brownberrie which is such a benefit having seen it from a parent’s perspective.

My Random Fact: I’m a Rainbow leader in my spare time.


Nicky Taylor

Preschool Practitioner

I have an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare. Before I came to Brownberrie I managed resaurants and was involved in stock taking and auditing. I have two children, one at primary school and one in high school. My favourite part of the job is interacting with the children and I find I learn soemthing new every day.

My Random Fact: I lived in a castle when I was younger and i’ve also dived with sharks!



Will Martindale

Preschool Practitioner

I’m currently working towards my NVQ Level 3 in Childcare. I used to work as a TA in various schools across North Yorkshire. I’ve also been a counsellor for disabled adults and children on holiday camps. The best bit about working at Brownberrie is coming in each day and the kids being so excited to see me.

My Random Fact: I used to do lots of Medieval re-enactment. I love dressing up as a 15th Century Lord!



Michelle Wood

Office Administrator

Before joining the Brownberrie team I was a stay at home mum and before that I was Head of HR for an insurance network. The best bit about Brownberrie is the atmosphere, the children have so much fun while they are learning and I can hear that from my office! The children have such a lovely variety of activities.

My Random Fact: I’m partial to a bit of karaoke on a night out!


Andrew Cole


I’ve been volunteering at Brownberrie for 11 years now. I love coming here and being part of the Brownberrie team. My favourite parts of the role are helping the children with colouring, sweeping the floors and cleaning the tables.

My Random Fact: My mum set up Brownberrie Preschool 20 years ago.